Pick Up & Delivery

Pick Up for Consignment

We currently offer pick-up services only to Tel Aviv residents.  Each week there are two assigned days and time slots in which pick-ups are done for selling items.  The minimum item number for free pick-up is 15.

You will be informed of these times after you contact us via the Seller's Form with a request for consignment/sales. There is no charge for pick-up. 

If you live outside of Tel Aviv and would like to sell with us, you are welcome to drop your items off at a given location.  Please be in touch via email and we will specify the address.


Free delivery of items is provided to Tel Aviv residents only. Your items will be delivered within 1-3 business days after you made the purchase. Please make sure to provide a full address at the check out.  Minimum purchase for free delivery is NIS 100.

If you live outside of Tel Aviv, we are happy to arrange delivery to you at an additional cost. There are two options for delivery outside of Tel Aviv.  1. Box It: Delivery cost is NIS 22 and package is shipped to a Pick Up Point.  2. DHL/UPS: Delivery cost is NIS 38 and package shipped to your door. 

You are also able to pick up your purchase at the Store. Location provided after purchase.


משלוח חינם ניתן לתושבי תל אביב בלבד. הפריטים שלך יימסרו תוך 1-3 ימי עסקים לאחר ביצוע הרכישה. רכישה מינימלית למשלוח חינם היא 100₪.
אם אתם גרים מחוץ לתל אביב, יש שתי אופציות למשלוחים: 1. BOX IT: עלות המשלוח 22₪ והחבילה נשלחת למקום איסוף. 2. DHL / UPS: עלות המשלוח היא 38₪ והחבילה נשלחת עד הבית. 
אפשר גם לאסוף את החבילך בחנות שלנו.