Sell your child's clothing

Why consignment is best?


Most times when our child has grown out of their clothes the first thought is to donate. But none of us like donating blindly to a drop-off box in middle of Tel Aviv. So you turn to Facebook and ask if anyone knows of good places to donate. Once you receive 30 different options, you find that 3 months later those 5 full bags of clothing that you wished to donate are still taking up place in your house and honestly causing clutter that you just don't have time or desire to deal with. But you just can't bring yourself to shlep to the donation center with your kids who hate to be stuck in the car seat and will wail all through the ride.

Treehouse to the rescue! If you live in Tel Aviv, be in touch with us and we will pick up your items for you. After going through our selection process (read on for some rules), your clothing will be listed on our site and the rest either returned to you or donated to a place of your choice.

Which clothes do you accept?

We accept most brands. Please make sure to hand in your items after they have been WASHED and CHECKED for any permanent stains or tears.

If you have an item that looks too worn out, please exclude it from the package. We want to give as many clothes as possible second life, but some items really do deserve to retire.

At the moment we are accepting clothing for summer.  If you are submitting clothes for 0-2 year olds we prefer that you leave out bodysuits or onesies (we are currently overstocked on these items).

Which items do you NOT accept?

All clothes that we buy from you must meet the following criteria:

  • The clothes must be great condition, for example:

  • all stitching, buttons and zips must be in good condition
  • no stains, holes or tears on the outside or inside of the clothes
  • colors must not be faded
  • no piling on the materials
  • no markings (such as children’s names) on the outside or inside of the clothes; and
  • all clothes must be recently washed and ironed
    • Be children’s clothing from 0-5 years
    • If in doubt, please don't send us anything of a lesser quality than you would be happy to buy.

    We do not accept any of the following types of items in any condition:

    • Underwear: briefs, knickers, socks, long underwear;
    • Home-made or knitted clothes;
    • Clothes with no brand or size labels; or
    • Counterfeit clothes (we will have full discretion to determine if an item is counterfeit) 
    We will not accept clothes that do not meet all of the above criteria.

    What is my profit on consigned items?

    You receive 20% of the profit on each item as a bit or PayBox transfer or 30% as store credit. Each of your items is assigned a unique code belonging only to you and sales are tracked accordingly.

    Please keep in mind that you are paid AFTER your item is sold. We do not purchase clothes from you at the start.

    How long do my items stay up on the site?

    Your items are listed for a period of 3 months. The items that do not sell can be delivered back to you or donated to a donation of your choice.

    We will be in touch with you at the end of each sale cycle via email.
    ***Please be aware that we reserve the right to change the price of the item after an original upload.  (i.e: sale)

    Do you take Books or Toys?

    We do accept Books and Wooden Toys only. Please make sure the books are not missing any pages and are in "Great" to "Like New" condition.

    The toys must also contain all pieces if it is a set and otherwise be in "Great" to "Like New" condition.

    How to request for items to be sold?

    Please complete the Seller's Form.